“Take full account of the excellencies which you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not.”
~ Marcus Aurelius

Gratitude Revolution #itbeginswithin

Take FULL account!! Be insanely grateful for what you have, NOW 🙂!

Think about 3 things that are so wonderful that you want to download them to your memory bank & savor the joy they bring to your heart. Available to you anywhere, anytime, for any reason!

Pinch me!! Knowing that what you have right now in your life is so very precious, such a gift <3. It can seem surreal, worth every sacrifice, every seemingly crazy or sane decision that you’ve made in your lifetime was meant to bring you here, right here. Face to face with your reality, the one you have created. Repeated lessons, chances and opportunities. Do you ‘get it’ yet? Account.

If you are struggling to find your happy place, your excellencies (you have them …you might have to fight the inner bully to recover them and see them for their full value, but you absolutely have them!), it could be time to take a little inventory and take a stand for yourself. The ‘excellencies’ that you DO possess are your secret roadmap to uncovering & developing your true souls journey.

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