My gift to you, 10 Simple Steps to Love Your Life!


As a wellness practitioner, leader and coach, I LOVE what I do! I am so incredibly grateful for each and every experience that I have with my clients. They teach me as often as I educate them.

It is my honor to be invited into your healing journey and to come alongside as you reach past your goals and achieve what you may not have thought was possible!

In love & appreciation!

janelle lynn

Love the targeted, non-shotgun approach. Caring, knowledgeable. Really excited to have a ‘lifestyle mapping’ plan that will help me over the course of the year as well as in the future! Thanks.

Janelle was informative and very easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable about the lab results & how they interact/ affect each other. I have been very frustrated that my cholesterol numbers are not moving in the right direction & she was very patient with me, helping me to see the bigger picture.

She knew what she was talking about, and had good insights. Great consult. Very specific and to the point.

She was absolutely wonderful! She has faced similar experiences as I have and knew what I was going through. She was wonderful in answering all of my questions and so knowledgeable in the areas I have been struggling with. Focused on balancing all areas of my health! It all started to make sense to me on what direction I need to take to get me back to where I was and feel like myself again. Thanks for taking the extra time for me!

Very friendly and helpful, and quite knowledgeable. My time with her proved to be highly informative and I was able to reach the goals that I had set out to accomplish. Obviously very passionate about what she does!

Very insightful. Loved Janelle’s expertise and deep understanding. Nutrition is more than just food.

Janelle was great and accommodating with my schedule. She addressed my wellness concerns. Taking wellness into my own hands can be confusing and uncertain sometimes. So, it’s always good to hear recommendations and advice from professionals who know much more than I do. Thanks again!

Janelle did a few things that contributed to a very successful consult. She immediately asked what I wanted to chat about. Given that often it seems that time is limited, this allowed us to immediately get into details. She sent me a good deal of supplementary material after the call so I could do my own research and genuinely understand the cholesterol cycle.She went into a great deal of detail about each recommendation she provided along with pros and cons.She made herself available when I had any follow up questions.

So willing to dive as deep as needed on bio-markers and ALL aspects of health/activity/nutrition that affect them.

I truly felt that Janelle cared about my needs. She took the time necessary to go over everything that she felt was important and was open to questions and comments from me. I highly recommend her and appreciate her diverse insights.

So incredibly thorough, enjoyed every second. Thank you!

I would say that my biggest challenge was letting go of bad habits. Not easy when it’s also been a way of surviving sometimes. Working with her has put a new lease on life for me. She is so patient and understanding when I have fought some of the ways I know are better!!! The most important thing people should know about working with her, a list of many but narrowing it down, her passion for “Wellness for All,” her drive & spirit and her honesty and understanding.
Nancy Catalana

Owner, Nancy J's

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Janelle as a patient in my chiropractic practice and in time I became a patient of hers. Janelle has been more than the ideal patient and advisor. In order to achieve my highest state of health I need to look beyond traditional chiropractic healthcare. Janelle’s nutritional counseling and expertise has brought better health and balance to my life. Janelle has my deepest respect, and she has always demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose. When Janelle is in town I refer my patients that would benefit from her expertise

Myk Bray, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, CPT, AK, KIEP Balance

Janelle is one of the most thorough and conscientious people I know. Her passion for health issues makes her one of the best nutritional practitioners in the Western U.S. I have trained with her at Bauman College, worked along side her in Sacramento, CA and given lectures with her in numerous venues. She is knows her facts, researches her protocols and relates to her clients in a caring and compassionate way.

Ellyn Hilliard

Author, Teacher

Consulting with Janelle was an eye-opener for me – and I have been in the industry for well over a decade. She helped me find out things about myself nutritionally that I’m not sure I would have ever found on my own. I highly recommend her and recommend going in as open-mindedly as possible so you can take full advantage of her expertise!

Allyson Stilber

Owner, Archtype Personal Training

My family and I have thrown every challenge your way! From hormones, gut issues, allergies, fitness, all the way to cancer. There is not one challenge my family and myself have given you, that you were not able to walk us through and give us guidance like no one else could.

The results I have seen in myself and my family are optimal health both physically and mentally. Both have been achieved through education, supplement management, and with you by my side coaching and holding our hands all the way through with unconditional love.

What I have told others about working with you is you will get the best of the best. You are informed like no other natueropath/homeopath/hematologist/nutritionist/ life coach I have ever come across. These words do not even begin to describe you because you are so much more. You are the body psychic as I call it, you have tools like no other and can tell exactly what is going on from the head to toe, inside and out. I do not have to tell you what is going on, you tell me. I go to see you and trust your opinion over standard doctors. You have been patient, kind, non-judgemental, and have always been there for me and my family when we have needed you. Anyone who is fortunate to find you is truly blessed.

Erin Schlichting


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