Follow Your Dreams.

Or you’ll spend the rest of your life following someone else who did!

Lifestyle Freedom!

Well, is this a new fancy term? Lifestyle Freedom … is it an aloof concept? Only those who really have nothing to do in life get to toss it around? Does it even make any sense to you?

The freedom to life live the way you want to is about having an abundance of choice. There is not one right way! It is about moving outside of the status-quo and having the ability to make your own choices. Most of us don’t even know what those choices might actually be, so it can be a little scary when you really think about it. We get so comfortable and familiar with the way we live our lives that until we are challenged we don’t realize that we are chained to the job or are struggling to keep up with our finances or we tolerate relationships and circumstances. Do we really have to pay that high of a price for happiness?

Lifestyle Freedom is not just about finding a way to quit your job, run off with prince charming or have the perfect body, it is about doing what makes you happy in life. I mean the wake up everyday thrilled to open your eyes, thankful for being alive with a big smile on your face type of happy.

Who owns you?

Are you slaving away the years of your life? Reaching for the carrot? I believe that people accept this as “the way it is” because it is such a strongly supported lie in our society. Again, there is no perfect way, there is however the way that actually works for you. Most adults will encourage kids to study hard to do well in school and then get a “good” job. Follow the system. They consider that success. Retirement (maybe), healthcare (maybe) and a few well earned weekends with a scattered vacation in there every year. Is that what we get? Might be looking for something more, something better, something worthy?

Being successful is about being able to do whatever makes you happy in your life, and for most people that is not “work“. Deep down it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you are doing. Caveat, there are going to be times when you have to work. But there is a difference in why you do what you do and how you feel when the day is over. Most people spend most of their life wishing something better would happen (like winning lotto) instead of making that something better happen.

Mindset mojo

The good news is that you can change this. You do not have to be stuck ! You can achieve Lifestyle Freedom, you just need the awareness and courage to break yourself out of the fixed mindset. You will need to take back the power in your life, learn to control it, and make positive, passionate decisions that really mean something. Once you have mastered that then you can do anything you want!

I know, I know … you are either thinking whoa, how do I actually do that OR there’s no way I can take that chance! Ok, there it is then! Ready to find your sweet spot?

Here’s a first step, ask yourself, “Am I happy with who I am when I wake up in the morning?”

  • Do I feel good about my physical health? (Am I actually healthy?)
  • Am I looking forward to the day ahead? (Is there something to learn, explore or experience?)
  • Are my connections, relationships deep, honest and joyful? (Do I feel valued, respected and loved?)

Power. Passion. Freedom. ~it’s about YOU ♥