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In Office Appointments

Come on in!

I am currently taking in-office appointments. To optimize our time together it is recommended scheduling a package of 3-6 sessions and work through the framework of your lifestyle. We will keep what is already awesome and add the essential elements to it that help you reach your optimal outcome. Specific in-office tools may include metabolic assessment, bio-marker review, nutritional microscopy and electro-interstitial scan (EIS).

3 Sessions ($299)

  • Initial Assessment: Educate – Current health history, metabolic needs & body measurements & goal setting.
  • Results Analysis: Energize –  Eating for energy, bio-impedence scan, bio-marker assessment, nutrient calculations, menu planning & how to maximize foods for fitness.
  • Follow-up: Engage – Lifestyle mapping, tips & traps, healthy snacking, On-track options.

6 Sessions ($549)

Includes the 3 sessions above plus

  • Evaluate: In-depth look at metabolic and hormone balance (bio-impedence scan, nutritional microscopy & additional bio-marker)
  • Elevate: Body system and organ revitalization. Endocrine system restoration
  • Empower: Lifestyle framework evaluation with blueprint set up for your ongoing evolution & optimization process.

Single Visits

  • Initial Visit $175.00
    • 60-75 minutes
  • Follow-up Visit $125.00
    • 30-45 minutes
  • Quick check $50.00
    • 15-20 minutes

In-office appointments require booking in advance. Please book your Initial appointment time now. Deposit and cancellation policy apply.