Blend those greens if you need to! Just get your greens. Creating a WellFit Kitchen of your own? Let’s go!

qtq80-7oXdrT“If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony.” ~Fernand Point (1897-1955)

The green smoothie has come a long way in the last decade. A revolution of it’s own, it simply stands out as that. Simple. Nature’s spectacular and most ultimate fast food.

I was first introduced to them by the Boutenko family. Forging ahead on the road to raw food and health, they began a revolution of green smoothies and it was hard not to jump on board! While the raw food movement was not something that I found myself to believe in, there were many valuable takeaways. Finding the right ‘blend’ of foods that support cleansing, healing, balancing and maintaining, now there is the puzzle. This is why we use the WellFit Labs Lifestyle Mapping™ process to explore and discover the right path for you.

After meeting Victoria and reveling in her vibrant message, green smoothies have been something I continue to incorporate in my personal wellness evolution as well as educate my clients and groups about. Taking health to the next level and making that blended goodness a part of your WellFit Lifestyle is one of the smartest things that you can do! Now there are many experts on blending and concocting the magic. I am a bit of a purist and will only combine the simple formulas. Below you will find a list of smoothie options for the lighter palate :). Fruit & leafy greens based. A bit of a more mature palate may just find the savory smoothie or even the Energy Soup recipe from Ann Wigmore, pioneer of the Living Foods Lifestyle®.

The shining stars of green smoothies are the leafy greens— chock full of phytonutrients, protein, vitamins, antioxidants…the list goes on and on. Yet there is also something you need to be aware of when drinking green smoothies daily— it’s called “alkaloid buildup.”

All raw leafy greens carry a small amount of toxins that protect plants from being entirely consumed by other animals—and wiping out the plant species. It’s a defensive trait, and something even we should be aware of. As humans, if we consume these toxins for long periods of time, they can build up and harm our thyroid. Some symptoms of alkaloid buildup are nausea, tingling in finger tips and fatigue.  But before you dump your green smoothie down the drain, you should know that this isn’t anything to worry about as long as you are rotating your greens. Throughout the week, use a variety of leafy greens in your smoothies— like kale, spinach, romaine, herbs and carrot tops.

These simple recipes make a quart of smoothie. Sometimes I add extra sunflower or pea sprouts, a stalk of celery for added alkalinity. You can really mix them up to your taste. They are super simple, but really make an impact! If you are cautious…half the recipe and just give it a little try.

Enjoy! ~j

2 large mangos
1 bunch parsley
2 cups Water

1-cup strawberries
2 bananas
1/2 bunch romaine
2 cups Water

4 ripe pears
4-5 leaves of kale
1/2 bunch of mint
2 cups Water

The best for last here. This one is my all time favorite and go-to green smoothie!

Bosc pear-raspberry-kale
3 bosc pears
1 handful of raspberries
4-5 leaves of kale
2 cups Water