Personal Training Programs

Have a goal? Want someone on you side? Looking to lift more? Want some kick ass Kettlebell skills? Need some help recovering? Hoping to stay clean, lean & live a real life, everyday? Get stronger, faster, better as an overall human being?

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Small Group Sessions – BadAss & Beautiful

4 Week Training Program designed for ALL levels of women interested in gaining strength, finding balance & leaning out!

  • 2 Small Group Training sessions per week (4-6 participants)
    • Covering basic barbell, complimentary lifts, supersets & finishers
  • Additional weekly workouts (HIIT, mobility & active recovery) to support your training days
    • a variety high intensity training recommendations using tools & equipment found at home or in your gym
  • Nutritional guidelines at your level (choose from 3 options)
    • Jump-start, Fitness & Performance

This program requires your participation and willingness to work hard to see results. We’ll find your commitment level and set realistic goals to get you results.

We start with an emphasis on creating a stable core and getting your body ready for more intense training as the weeks progress.  Build cardio endurance, body composition and work capacity. Remember, every body is unique and so will be your challenges, the beauty is that you are not alone!

Whether you are just getting started, getting back into your fitness or ready to bust out to the next level, this proves to be an awesome way to test your fitness ability & limits while having quite a bit of fun!

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I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) since 2008 & Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with a background in multi sport training, coaching and ongoing experience/training in Kettlebell, Unconventional & Mobility (sandbag, macebell, indian clubs, yoga).