My gift to you, 10 Simple Steps to Love Your Life!


…because it’s what I do!

I am repeatedly asked, “What do YOU do? How do YOU stay in such great shape? How old ARE you? What can I do?”

Well, here it is, the big secret …  walk the talk. Align the body, mind and spirit.

It is my passion to help others, particularly women, to define their wellness, develop their personal road-map and discover what sets their heart on fire! I believe that each stage of life should be savvy, not suffering, even more so now as I enter the season of ‘the change’. I am an example of how we don’t have to live with chronic symptoms and progressively declining health. It is my mission to help you do the same. We can find harmony within and create a life that is well, fit, strong and healthy! There was a time you might remember feeling this in your life, and I am here to tell you that there will be a time again.

It’s IN YOU. It’s in your blueprint. You’ve already been there. Now it’s time to find it, restore it, revitalize it, and make it better than ever!

  • Fabulously Fit – food & fitness. Life is not a one size fits all, find what’s right for you!
  • Hormones in Harmony – calm the inner temptress. Acknowledge the ride is wild and tame the triggers that tip the scales.
  • Savvy & Sensational – intellectual aspiration. Keep on the path of a growth mindset, clear, creative and well engaged.
  • Wildly Well – let the free spirit move you! When all things connect, you find your consciousness badass .BE this!

It all sounds amazing, yes? It is possible, you probably already have ALL of the answers, they just might not quite be in the right order. Perspective and a powerful toolbox can be life changing. And THAT, is WHAT I do!

It wasn’t all sunshine, I had to cut a path.

I was 26, a wife and a new mom with a fast tracking career and wildly optimistic notions that my amazing life was heading in the perfect direction!

I had just moved everything to a new area that was perfect for growth in all aspects of my life, but apparently was the capital location for major allergy suffering. I was miserable. My chronic allergies had just progressed to serious status.

The first spring was an ongoing office visit for allergy shots and the newly promoted prescription that was going to make my life tolerable. Instead, I was practically comatose for the next few years. Able to get to work and function but with little energy left over at the end of each week to dedicate to my new home and family life. Was I already failing?

It goes way back!

In my early childhood years, I was diagnosed with basic seasonal allergies, spastic colon due to ‘stress’ but, I was otherwise in great health! Nothing crazy, unusual or dramatic. I was an active kid, swimming, track, basketball, but always with tissue in my hand, pocket or up my sleeve! It continued to get worse as I got older. My late teen years were plagued with what I now know to be a major hormone imbalance, migraines and digestive issues, no wonder we’ve called it the curse. By the time I was 22, I had been drugged, poked, tilted, tested & inspected umpteen times by doctor, allergist & primary care. All with only one solution, medicate, continue to medicate and only to possibly relieve symptoms.

When enough is enough!

I had to ask myself,  “Was medicine working? What could I possibly do?”  I was exhausted, losing every battle, every season, living in a bubble indoors, drugged and disconnected from my life, family, friends, events. I had to choose what I wanted to do so I knew I had enough energy to participate and rest before the next work day. I was exhausted by the weekend and they became one long nap. Camping, ha! Teaching my son to ride his bike, haha! Walking outdoors, driving with the windows down, outdoor adventures, a windy day, hahaha! … these were all major alerts. Glassy eyes, foggy mind, crash time. Was this it? This was this as good as it was going to be, good days, bad days, ok days in flux, managing the symptoms until the end? In my heart I knew that I would be aging very quickly under these circumstances. That was when I decided to find a better way.

I did. I started studying, a lot. Learning the foundations, detox, restore, re-balance, revitalize. It began with herbology & functional nutrition. Relief! Something was changing here, why didn’t I know these basics? I was hooked and driven to learn. I continued my education in biological sciences, endocrinology, fitness, mindfulness & meditation and over the last 18 years my training and experience was divinely pulled together through energy medicine. The Trinity Code.

In those days, it took the persistence of an archeologists mind to dig up the wisdom of the past and use it alongside the innovation of present day. Integrative medicine was in the very early stages. Understanding not only bio-individuality but mind/body connection and the human spirit. I was fortunate to be mentored in old world methods and practices that have served, balanced and restored humanity for centuries along with the opportunity to integrate science based technology and application to current health condition concerns.

Aligning with the flow!

Now, as a Holistic Health Expert & Wellness Empowerment Coach, I mentor women in discovering their life’s harmony. Helping them find the power that comes from within, cool, calm and collected. It’s all connected!

  • Reviving the body’s metabolism and hormones

  • Awakening the magnificent mind

  • Embracing the heart of feminine resilience.

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