My gift to you, 10 Simple Steps to Love Your Life!


The WellFit Lifestyle


What Defines a WellFit Woman?

A WellFit Woman embraces the natural ebb and flow. She loves her harmony with life, goodness, gratitude and grace. The keystones to that guide her are:

Awareness: She takes responsibility – she knows that to own and engage her power, she has to own her sh*t. Simple as that, not always easy. She is continually working her personal development, clearing limiting beliefs, learning with an open mind and growing in harmony with her soul pace. Fears, wounds and sabotaging patterns are faced and no longer holding her back.

Attitude: She knows that she is the creator of her life – she knows what she wants and maps out a plan to guide her along the journey. Making time for what matters most!

Alignment: She honors herself – she knows that by loving, accepting and taking care of herself this allows her to do the same for others. Developing deep sincere connections that reflect joy, freedom and empowerment. She listens to her internal wisdom and values her passion knowing that she is worthy of living an inspired life!

Action: She speaks her truth, sets boundaries and embraces the work. Through self-love, self-determination and ongoing self-mastery, she creates her ability to make choices that are truly free.

She finds herself on many levels along this path and she moves through the years gaining wisdom through experience! Every woman has the ability to take charge of her life with grace, strength, and confidence—including you.


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